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Tracking progress towards smarter grids: A proposal for the implementation of the revised Electricity Directive


The Clean energy package and the European Green Deal give electricity networks the mission to provide green, low emission energy to all Europeans. New, smarter solutions will be required to manage the changing generation mix, whilst maintaining affordability and ensuring security of supply.

This means that we need to future-proof the European transmission and distribution network and improve its resilience by ensuring the quality of service and the continuity of supply under different circumstances.


Article 59.1 (l) of the revised Electricity Directive 2019/944 entrusts national regulators in each Member State to introduce indicators to assess the progress of the network in developing smart grids ensuring that more renewable energy can be accommodated in a more energy efficient manner. To enable the development and implementation of these indicators, T&D Europe has worked on a concept that is both looking at the current state of the grid, but also explores the future requirements that are expected from the network (electro-mobility, prosumers, etc.). The aim is to allow member states, regulators, network operators and policy makers to introduce indicators and start the process of monitoring and assessing the much needed development to smarter grids that will enable Europe to increase its share of renewable electricity, improve energy efficiency and contribute to climate neutrality.

The working paper "Indicators for monitoring the state of the grids" can be downloaded here.