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T&D Europe ready for the EU Year of Delivery

In 2021 the European Commission will shift from strategy to delivery. Europe's grid technology providers support the twin green and digital transitions as laid out by the EU Green Deal.

Last week, T&D Europe's Executive Committee and General Assembly dicussed and adopted the work plan and budget for 2021. Four strategic objectives guide the work in no less than 12 working groups and task forces: 

1. Support EU effots to achieve climate neutrality and sustainability targets, including promoting the circular economy and by delivering on ambitious climate and energy objectives for 2030r

2. Promote European leadership in grid technology


3. Unlock investments in efficient, flexible and resilient electricity networks to drive Europe's recover and transformation

4. Further position T&D Europe as a recognised and active stakeholder

The green and digital transitions require a collaborative effort. T&D Europe looks forward to continueing to work together with policy-makers, regulators, network operators, technolgy providers and grid users. 

Let's start delivering on the EU Green Deal.