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T&D Europe, ENTSO-E and WindEurope: How to manage the interoperability challenge in multi-vendor HVDC systems

 An optimised onshore and offshore grid architecture is essential for the integration of renewble energy in the European power system. To become climate-neutral, the EU needs 300 GW of offshore wind by 2050. The interoperability of multi-terminal and multi-vendor HDVC systems is essential to achieve this. 

T&D Europe, ENTSO-E and WindEurope have teamed up to tackle the challenge of HVDC interoperability in offshore wind development. Together we will publish a joint report on ''the developmet of multi-vendor HVDC systems and other power electronics interfaced devices''. It will share our views on the technology options to deliver multi-terminal, multi-purpose HVDC systems integrating multiple converter stations from a variety of technology providers.

On 21 June from 14:30 to 17:00 CEST, the three associations will orgnise a webinar to explore the outcomes of this joint workstream. A panel session will allow each association to dicuss their perspectives with a broader audience.


Draft agenda 

Opening - Modertors: Vasiliki Klonari (WindEurope) and Paulius Butkus (ENTSO-E)

Statement by Director DG Energy - Catharina Sikow-Magny

Statements by T&D Europe, ENTSO-E and WindEurope: 

Jochan Kreusel - Deputy President, T&D Europe

Sonya Twohig - Secretary General, ENTSO-E

Giles Dickson - CEO, WindEurope 


Introduction and overview of workstreams - Norela Constantinescu (ENTSO-E)

Standardised interaction study processes and interfaces - Oliver Despouys (RTE)

Assessment of interoperability in multi-vendor HVDC systems - Mario Ndreko (Tennet)

Multi-terminal, multi-vendor real industrial scale project - Pablo Briff (T&D Europe)

Cooperation framework and governance - Tobias Moller Ruby (Orsted) and Simon Wenig (Transnetbw)

Network planning, project financing and procurement - Philipp Ruffing (Amprion) 

Panel discussion - Moderators: Vasiliki Klonari (WindEurope) and Paulius Batkus (ENTSO-E) 

Mark Van Stiphout (DG Energy)

Frank Schettler (T&D Europe)

Wilhelm Winter (ENTSO-E/Tennet)

Troels Stybe Sorenson (Orsted)

Conclusion - Moderators: Vasiliki Klonari (WindEurope) and Paulius Batkus (ENTSO-E) 


You can register for the webinar here. Participants will receive the report by email.