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  • T&D Europe stresses the potential of direct electrification

    06 July 2020


    Today T&D Europe joined 26 organisations representing the renewable energy sector in a call to Executive Vice-President Timmermans and Energy Commissioner Simson to stress the important potential for direct electrification.

    The letter states that “More than 60% of final energy consumption can be covered by direct electrification of final energy uses, such as road transport, heating and buildings, and industrial processes, with an energy system based on renewables. The upcoming Energy System Integration Strategy must accelerate the deployment of renewable electricity across these sectors, modernising Europe’s electricity grid infrastructure and driving the electrification of the economy.”

    As Europe’s grid technology providers T&D Europe members fully support the energy transition towards a climate-neutral Europe. The EU Green Deal will play a crucial part in unlocking the necessary investments in Europe’s electricity networks.



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  • T&D Europe joins Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios

    30 June 2020

    T&D Europe has joined a large group of stakeholders in signing a request to ensure that he EU Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2022 works with scenarios that are compatible with the Paris Agreement, the priorities of the European Green Deal and the European Council's decision to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

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  • T&D Europe welcomes Next Generation EU and the reinforced long-term budget

    28 May 2020

    T&D Europe welcomes Next Generation EU and the reinforced long-term budget

    Brussels, 28 May 2020

    T&D Europe welcomes the European Commission’s proposals for Next Generation EU and the reinforced long-term budget for the EU, as presented yesterday. Europe’s grid technology providers support the EU Green Deal as Europe’s growth strategy, which is aimed at driving the green and digital transitions.

    “Investments in Europe’s energy infrastructure need to be at the heart of Europe recovery and investment plans”, says T&D Europe President, Yann Fromont. He added: “Europe’s electricity system has proven its robustness and resilience during the COVID19-crisis and we need to make sure that the system is equipped to ensure further electrification of for example the transport and heating sectors, to integrate increasing shares of renewable energy, and empowering individual consumers and communities. This requires investments in both traditional assets and the further digitalisation of the energy system.”

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  • T&D Europe calls for investment in skills in EU Green Recovery Plan

    19 May 2020


    Today a broad coalition from the electrical industry has appealed to the EU Commission to targeting investment in Skills for Climate in the upcoming economic Recovery packages. Investing in skills is an efficient strategy, which creates jobs in a sector that is ready to recruit workers with the adequate skillset.

    In a letter to EU Energy Commissioner Simson T&D Europe and its partners stress the importance of including strong climate skills provisions in the upcoming EU recovery plan.

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  • Green Recovery Plan for Europe post-COVID-19

    28 April 2020


    T&D Europe has joined a large coalition of organisations that call on the European Commission and Member States to ensure to make use of the great potential for a green recovery. In a letter to Europe’s leaders the coalition proposes to use rapid large scale investments in Europe’s energy transition as a smart and sustainable way towards restarting the economy following the COVID-19 outbreak.

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