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Improving Grid Response to support climate targets and increased renewables

24 February 2021

The triple drivers of increased demand, mass electrification and the huge ramp-up of variable renewables cannot be catered for by our existing electricity grid/s. However, every day, we learn of new innovations in storage, renewable generation, cross border regulation and market improvements which will come online as the pressure increases. Central to all this, the grid itself is also innovating. Not least in the area of smart grid response. 

This dicussion and presentation will help distribute grid operators understand the implications of increased demand due to mass electrification, and transition to a carbon neutral energy mix on grids. Discussions will focus on how they can improve the reliability of their networks; in particular, by increasing grid monitoring and applying AL/ML anaytics as advocated by Smart Grid Indicators. The main expected benefits will be highlighted. 

T&D will join the dicussion, represented by our Vice-President, Vera Silva Chief Technology Officer and Head of Innovation at GE. 

More information about the agenda and registration here.